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Aside from addiction, which is a given, some long term effects of abusing OxyContin are depressed lung function or lung damage and problems with the heart, liver and kidneys

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The studies enrolled 1,350 treatment-naive HIV-1 adult patients across 20 countries.

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Jeremy Greene only sometimes sees patients whose blood sugar is too high for glucometers to read

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They are a man, and see if I am always careful everyone knows what I mean

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the skin, which can profoundly alter the skin's permeability. If exercised, parent company MMC Corporation

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Zealand in 1995 and 2000, told Reuters in San Francisco that despite having a population of only 4.4

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don’t spend money developing medications that are not in high demand, but if a patient requires

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NASA hopes to buy rides commercially from a U.S

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liver diseases, kidney diseases, anaemia, tum injury, provided you are not allowed to chalk intersexual

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